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Versatile design

Santronic® faucets are made of tubular chromed brass and are supplied with a separate connection box that contains all electronic components.

The Santronic® standard fits most lavatories in public restrooms. The Santronic® gooseneck has a high spout that is ideally suited for medical and food processing applications when combined with Intersan's Sanset® washbasins.

Advantages of Intersan faucets
Maximum hygiene and minimal maintenanceIntersan's no-touch control eliminates the risk of contamination by contact with the faucet
Independent functioning for approximately 200.000 water cyclesAn integral 9V Lithium battery supplies power for an operation of approximately 200.000 water cycles
Safe and accessible for people with disabilitiesIntersan faucets comply with stringent US regulations prescribed by ANSI and with the CE codes
Easy installationThe self-contained battery serves as the only power source thus limiting costly connections. The Istronic® and Wavetronic® faucets are pre-assembled and supplied complete with stainless steel flexible supply lines and stop ball valves with strainer
Water and energy-conservationWater flows only during effective use. The temperature of the water can be controlled through the use of an optional thermostatic mixing valve. To further save water, Intersan faucets are also equipped with 1,9L/min nozzles
Vandal-resistantThe passive detection system avoids continuous water flow when an object is placed in the bowl. Between two washing cycles a safety hold-off of 2 seconds is provided to avoid water waste

Santronic® TRS


Santronic® standard: lavatory faucet (TRS)

Height 125 mm (all applications) - Electronic box under lav

Santronic® TRG


Santronic® Gooseneck: lavatory faucet (TRG)

Height: 180 mm - Electronic box under lav

Santronic® TRW-IB


Santronic® Wall: recessed model (TRW-IB)

Wall mounted electronic faucet - Electronics in wall

Santronic® TRW-OB


Santronic® Wall: wall mounted (TRW-OB)

Wall mounted electronic faucet - Electronics on wall

Santronic® TRW-VW


Santronic® Wall: wall mounted (TRW-VW)


Wall mounted electronic faucet - Separate electronic box under lav

Specifications of the Santronic®
Input Voltage9 VOLT DC
Transformer90 Vac - 260 Vac / 9 V DC
Power Options
- Battery: Standard
- Plug-In: Option
9 V Lithium 6LRI (PP3)
240 plug-in transformer
Battery Life200.000 water cycles
Operating Temperature4,4 to 60°C
Operation Pressure1,5 to 6 bar
Threads1/2" F BSP
Warranty2 years
PlatingChrome plated brass
Filter0,268 mm
Supply LinesCold/Tempered water or With thermostatic mixing valve

Integrated no-touch liquid soap dispenser

The Intersan faucetts are available with an optional integrated no-touch liquid soap dispenser. Upon activation, the user first gets a small amount of liquid soap after which the cycle of water flow proceeds. As a results, the no-touch operation of water and soap prevents the user from having to come into contact with the system, which assists in maintaining clean and hygienic washroom facilities.

Depending the application, Intersan sells three types of soap.


DescriptionCodeCold or premixed water (no thermostat)With thermostatIntegrated hands-free soap dispenser
Santronic standardTRS-N12L
Santronic standard stainless steelTRSC-N12L
Santronic standard piezoTRSP-N12L
Santronic gooseneckTRG-N12L
Santronic gooseneck stainless steelTRGC-N12L
Santronic gooseneck piezoTRGP-N12L
Santronic Recessed model - electronics in wallTRW-IB12L
Santronic wall mounted - electronics on wallTRW-OB12L
Santronic wall mounted - electronics under lavTRW-VW12L
TRANSFO : No battery, with 9 V transformer (TRS & TRG)